Announcement: Guitar Teacher Gives a New Lesson on Legato Technique

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) April 01, 2013

The introduction of the internet into everyday life has certainly led to a lot of changes not only in the way which the world works, but in the way it learns as well. Nowadays, basically anybody with a computer and a connection can study about and eventually even become an expert on almost anything imaginable. Although degrees and certifications typically cost money, theres still some valuable educational information available that doesnt necessarily have to break the budget, and this includes guitar lessons.

This guitar exercise in this video involves a basic pattern over the G major diatonic scale and is geared towards learning legato technique, a style of playing thats used quite often by guitarists throughout many genres of music, from classical to heavy metal, and pretty much everything in the middle. On an electric guitar it usually includes notes that are on the same string or that are close together, hence the given name.

Legato is actually an Italian term that literally means tied or bound. Supposedly the word was first used around 1885 and in todays times, it generally refers to a style of music that involves a few moves which are known as hammer-ons and pull-offs. These two tricks, especially when combined together, create a beneficial guitar exercise that can help to improve overall ability and guitar technique.

The web has become an invaluable resource and a way of life for all kinds of people from every part of the planet. Free guitar lessons such as this one are simply another excellent example of the awesome things that can be found online!

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