Announcement: Banjo Style Country Guitar Lesson is Online

banjo lessons
New York, New York (PRWEB) May 04, 2013

The latest online guitar lesson by features one of their multifaceted teachers, Jon MacLennan, in a quick clip where he shares a hybrid picking technique which is usually used for banjo. However, he does this while playing the electric guitar, so since a banjo is not necessary for this tutorial, basically any guitarist can give it a go.


Jon is a versatile guitarist that has videos on many different styles of music including several country guitar lessons. This one is about hybrid picking which actually entails using a pick and the fingers at the same time; therefore its an excellent exercise. The E major chord is played in a rhythm guitar pattern of 4 notes per beat, and convenient country guitar tabs can be obtained by clicking on a link thats provided below the video.


Considering the ever-growing amount of guitar lessons that are available on the internet today, its of course always smart to start in the right place. Mr. MacLennan has a laid-back approach to teaching and he explains things in a way which is easy to understand. Therefore, guitarists of all skill levels should be comfortable his lessons, including this one, even if they dont typically play country guitar.


Guitar Control offers lessons that cover almost every kind of music one could think of, and they try to accommodate all skill levels. They currently have over 275 lessons on You Tube alone, all of which are totally free. In addition, they have a long list of low cost DVD lessons that can be delivered directly to nearly any doorstep in the world!

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