Guitar Control Announces New Demo of Spear Guitar and Crash Course on Pickups

Los angeles, California (PRWEB) April 08, 2013

Claude Johnson, teacher for and president of the online musical instruction company Guitar Control, has yet another complimentary video lesson. This time he has a Spear guitar as his capable co-star in a tutorial that focuses on the sound features of an electric, specifically the guitar pickups and tone controls.

This online lesson contains some in-depth information on the different kinds of electric guitar pickups that could come in quite handy. Some guitarists know what sort of setup their six-string has, whether its Piezo pickups or Magnetic pickups, although sometimes they dont know much more than that, which is the reason for this sort of lesson.

The guitar being played in this clip is a Spear, which is a relatively new brand of guitar that is now available in many parts of the world, including most states. Presently, theyre gaining ground and becoming known for their good looks, nice price, and most importantly, great tone. The guitar seen here is called an NSG Relic from their S Series collection and it also comes in black and white.

The NSG contains 2 humbucker pickups, which are a very common style found on many makes of guitar. However, Spear guitars can also come with Single coil pickups, so some people may want to check out a guitar pickups review to find out even more about each type prior to making a guitar purchase or switching the hardware on what theyve got.

Ever since the introduction of the internet, the popularity of online lessons of all kinds has increased immensely, including guitar. This is probably because being able to learn about almost anything at basically anytime from virtually anywhere is an unprecedented convenience, as helpful advice on nearly any topic is always just a click away.

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