Layne Publications Announces Release of Traditional Bluegrass Favorite, Mountain Dew

Greenville, SC (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

Mountain Dew, a well-known bluegrass classic was released recently at Layne Publications is the #1 place to find bluegrass, traditional, gospel, and seasonal music tabs for the banjo, guitar, and mandolin.

Bluegrass is a cultural favorite in its birthplace, the United States. The unique sound of the banjo and mandolin is being used more often in popular music, and thus the traditional bluegrass scene is seeing more young and talented musicians join in. Many guitar students are also learning to play the banjo and are looking for more high quality bluegrass tabs to further their abilities. Layne Publications more than meets those needs.

Layne Publications has been in operation for a while, and their loyal fan base loves to rant about their high quality tabs, sheet music, and MP3s. Unlike other tab sellers online, Layne Publications has several traits that separate themselves from the typical, and raises them to the extraordinary. Not only do they have professionally written and organized tabs, the tabs are inexpensive and easy to download. Most music sellers would stop there, but Layne Publications keeps going and throws in free sheet music for the full song, a professionally recorded MP3, and a Layne Publications specialty, the JAM track. The JAM tracks are reported by customers as the best way to master a new song. The JAM track is simply an MP3 of the song requested, but without the selected instrument, so that students can practice right along with the song. is the most popular bluegrass tab website online today, and their customers love to comment on their great service and high quality product. Anyone trying to learn bluegrass for the banjo, guitar, or mandolin at home should try Layne Publications.

About Layne Publications

Since 2005 Layne Publications has been the premier source for Bluegrass Instruction and learning. We’ve sold thousands of tabs and help thousands of players improve their ability in the comfort of their own home. They can then take this new skill out to their local bluegrass jam session or to the next practice with their band and show off what they’ve learned. It gives them the chance to practice things at home without the pressure of getting it right the first time. They can take their time. Stop, rewind and continue going over that trouble spot without the bass player standing there giving them the evil eye because he wants to move on to the next song.