Price Comparison Service Expands Tech Products in the Database

Denver, CO (PRWEB) March 19, 2013

Buyers in US have been relying on price comparison services to help them find the best deal for desired products available with online retailers.

Today, some price comparison platforms will even index products in actual stores and compare prices with online retailers. These services carry a significant benefit for the consumer who is currently so stressed about finding the time for family time, work and chores and keeping purchases within a budget that allows them to save a little for next time.

Ironclad Integrity Ltds price comparison service,, has evolved in just a short time to a professional and user-friendly platform. Constantly updated and expanded, the PricesLab product and price network is currently offering a database that is well in the order of thousands. The number of online retailers that are working with PricesLab to provide price information for tech products has long broke the 500 mark, whereas products for which information is available on the platform is well beyond several thousands. indexes price information, brief tech specs and reviews for popular and well-appreciate brands, such as Apple, AT&T, LG, Braun, Canon and Coby. There are tech home appliances, musical instruments and music devices, home entertainment systems, notebooks, laptops, video games and so on available for price comparisons. The platform displays information on product availability, shipping costs, tax and the merchants that sell it.

The price comparison service Prices Lab was initially released to pertain to buyers interested in getting the best deal for Apple iPod touch 16GB Mp3 Player. Following consumers positive feedback in relation to the websites management of information and significant network retailers, Ironclad Integrity Ltd. took the decision to expand the area of expertise of its price comparison service.

Today, the PricesLab price comparison platform serves all US consumers interested in tech products of all kinds, both for professional and personal use. The number of tech products for which the website indexes price information is currently in the order of thousands, with particular interest for digital cameras, notebooks and laptops, home theater systems and accessories, video game software, musical instruments, music devices, GPS systems, Mp3 Players and several other.

The mission of PricesLab remains the same: giving buyers all the information they need to find the best deal on the tech product they research using the platforms search engine. PricesLab is only a research tool and not a seller, the information displayed is unbiased and the service is fast, easy to use and free.

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