Sikaa Sidi, Alina Toma Live and Marc R Top The BEAT100 Covers Music Video Chart

(PRWEB) June 02, 2013

BEAT100 is proud to announce the recent May 6, 2013 winners of the BEAT100 Cover Music Video Chart. Sikaa Sidi achieved first place this month with her outstanding cover of Tracy Chapmans timeless hit, Fast Car while second place is awarded to second-time BEAT100 Cover Music Video Chart winner Alina Toma. Marc Rodrigues placed third with his cover of Asaf Avidans Reckoning Song, achieving his first BEAT100 award. The BEAT100 community congratulates these individuals for their outstanding cover performances in the May 6th Cover Music Video Chart!

Born in the Republic of Mali, Africa and moving to France as a child,Sikaa Sidi was inspired to become a singer from a young age after watching the movie Sister Act. I remember telling my mother Ma, Id like to be a sister when I grow up!, says Sidi, I thought that every religious person used to sing and dance like Whoopi Goldberg. Thats how I started my biggest love story. By the time she was 14, Sidi was singing in a rap group with friends while recording albums and performing in a semi-professional gospel choir. At age 21, shes now focused on releasing her first EP and performing in two professional bands. I [recently] felt the need to give my own message with music, she says in regard to recording her upcoming EP. Sidi is currently working with producer Kap K. Naedy and his team of musicians in releasing the initial EP while using crowd funding as a source of financing. BEAT100 members can learn more about Sidis upcoming EP release by connecting with her on BEAT100.


Sidis Fast Car cover alone received over 6,500 views on BEAT100 this past month, achieving first place in the BEAT100 Cover Music Video Chart. Sidi sang the hit Tracy Chapman song as a duet with her brother, GK Noland, and quickly became a favorite among BEAT100 users. The cover speaks volumes to Sidis talent and provides fans with much to look forward in her upcoming EP release. With influences ranging from Asa to Muse, Ray Charles, Coldplay, Lana Del Rey, and Michael Jackson, Sidi has released a number of professional cover songs since early 2012, resulting in over 170,000 YouTube views and much attention on BEAT100. In regard to her experience on BEAT100, Sidi says It has definitely been a very enjoyable and entertaining experience for me. When you become number one, people are more interested in you and your work. It can be very helpful for the next steps.

In second place this month, Romanian singer-songwriter Alina Toma is awarded her second BEAT100 Cover Music Video Chart award in 2013 with her impressive cover of Adeles popular original, One & Only. After years of a success career working for a multinational corporation, Alina quit her job to pursue her passion for music full-time. Alina has since worked hard to achieve her dream of becoming a successful and established singer-songwriter and performer. She encourages BEAT100 users to pursue their dreams in music and build your dreams into coming true. As she achieves her second BEAT100 win, Alina thanks her many fans in the BEAT100 community. Big thanks to all the musicians who supported me, especially to Configa, she says, Big props to [BEAT100] and all the opportunities it gives young aspiring musicians from around the world.

Finally, Marc Rodrigues achieved third in the BEAT100 Cover Music Video Chart this month with his mellow and highly enjoyable cover of Asaf Avidans Reckoning Song. Marc received much attention from BEAT100 users, obtaining over 6,500 views on his video submission and over 2,000 votes. At just 18 years old, the Portuguese singer has played guitar and taken lessons for over two years while pursuing his love for singing and performing.

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By Dylan JK Vogt