The Jar Family Returns with Two New Singles: Machine and Footsteps

(PRWEB) April 26, 2013

The Jar Family, a six-piece band based in Hartepool, England and a favorite among BEAT100 users, recently released two singles, Machine and Footsteps. The tracks are available for purchase on iTunes, as of April 15, and mark the second and third singles from this Industrial Folk bands upcoming album, Jarmalade, set for release in June. Following the bands success in the BEAT100 Original Music Video chart with their melodic and folksy track, Broken Minded, BEAT100 users can now look forward to additional music video posts for Machine and Footsteps on BEAT100 in the coming weeks.


The Jar Familys upcoming and second album will consolidate the bands eclectic taste in music into a genre theyve dubbed, Industrial Folk; a blend of modern music components combined with folks story-telling attributes. Machine and Footsteps demonstrate the bands original sound well, as Footsteps provides listeners an acoustic blend of soulful vocals, acoustic guitar, and mellow strings, while Machine offers something a little more hard-hitting, breaking into an ensemble of electric guitars, a full drum kit, and punchy bass lines.


Each single provides listeners with a new vocalist, consistent with the bands entire discography, as The Jar Family breaks traditional band organization of maintaining a sole lead singer. Ive always maintained that listeners can only take so much of a front man, says Keith Wilkinson, the Jar Familys bassist. The band established that whoever wrote [the song], sings it. As a result, Machine features Chris Hooks on lead vocals while Richie Docherty sings Footsteps.


In writing Machine, Hooks says he wanted to send the message that [Musicians] should get on their own wave of music, go out and find new music, and not just accept what the media throws [into the mainstream]. Richie wrote Footsteps after vacationing with his family. I was chatting to my wife about the ups and downs that most of us go through, he says, ‘Footsteps in the snow’ is another way of saying what ever we are going through while apart, well still always be as close as hearing footsteps in the snow.


Both Machine and Footsteps demonstrate The Jar Familys true talent in songwriting and performance, as well as their ability to transform listeners mood through their thoughtful consideration of instrumentation and arrangement. Purchase the singles on iTunes today to enjoy the vibes of this outstanding band and also sign up for BEAT100 to follow The Jar Family and stay up-to-date with their upcoming music video posts.