“zymphonix” New CD by Robert B+ Delivers Original Style of Music and Unique Flavors from Forty Years of Songwriting and Performing

Napa Valley, California (PRWEB) June 18, 2013

Great songs are timeless even if you never heard them before, proclaims ROBERT B+ the singer-songwriter-producer of zymphonix his new 10-song CD. The retro feel is genuine. Tunes written in the late sixties, seventies and eighties join more recent vintages. Ive spent the last year overdubbing an array of guitar-synthesized instruments like strings, horns, vibes, strange flutes and unknowable sounds.

Visit http://www.robertbplus.com for the links, song samples, cover art and photos.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Robert-B/152645160549 has similar goodies.

Some songs are mixed-media pieces with waves, casino sound effects and baby cries. All seem to have a unique and pervasive Robert B+ style that transcends the differences in the songs, tempos and arrangements. The album is a mix of comedy, drama, romance and life stories. Like little movies, each is its own creature, B+ maintains.

The CD is available at createspace.com and amazon.com. Digital downloads are on iTunes, Google Plays, cdBaby and others throughout the world. Radio DJ’s, Program Directors and Press may access high-resolution song files at http://www.AirplayDirect.com/RobertBPlus.

An artist with many styles and many names ROBERT B+ began performing in Phoenix as Robert Battaile and Atomic Leroy. In Houston and Austin, Silver Battle was the moniker. After paying some Los Angeles dues, it was on to Las Vegas as the Paul of Beattle and Stone. Then to Napa Valley, where Paul Orbison and the Varietals fermented Robert B+ as the latest incarnation.

Dad, the CD will never sell. Its not a genre, says grown son, Silvin. Silvin, at age 6 was the original inspiration for Terror of Tinytown. Decades later with great timing and amazing musicality, grandson Levi is the crying baby on the track. The song has a big band-swing feel and rock energy with humor and pathos about drool and whining monsters.

Album leads off with Paradise Bird a romantic jazz feel with sounds of oboes drifting amid vibes and nylon string guitar. A mood piece that evokes a Brazilian beach where one glimpse of those dark eyes, the merest hint of a bare thigh. It should come as no big surprise…

Paradise Bird is a free download at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertb Tell your friends.

Buoyantly, So Damn Happy next ponders the fun of life amidst the gloom of survival and reality. Filled with unusual sounds and instruments played on guitar synthesizer by Robert B+. It lets me fill the canvas with an imaginary orchestra to create a zymphony hence zymphonix as the CD title.

KEVIN HAYES plays the drums and percussion with amazing alacrity and attention to Roberts intricate songs and styles. Kevin zones in on the essence and intuitively knows when to leave some space for my future tracks to go nuts in. His tone and power are exquisite, Robert gushes.

Kevin toured and recorded with Robert Cray for fourteen years. Hes played with Eric Clapton, B. B. King, Van Morrison, Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and British guitarist, Matt Schofield.

Kevins drums provide the kick for My Beautiful Dream and the whip-throwing flamenco-rock torch-burner Temptacious Eyes. zymphonix has broad dynamic range and lush texture. So far, everybody likes different songs making it hard to select which one is the viral youtube video smash.

Is it the soft-rock vibes of Give the Boy his Due or the gut-wrenching family breakup of My Brand New Start wonders the new artist.

Maybe my niche is comedy and philosophy, continues B+, everybody does love songs.

PLANET VEGA$ digs ya is the theme song from an original play PLANET VEGA$ performed during 2001 in Napa and St. Helena. Robert wrote three songs. People were rolling in the aisles. Lyrics include the Liberace Museum and Eiffel Tower. High desert vistas with Indian relics and Elvis Wedding Chapels to infinity. Funny stuff.

Robert performed for two years in Las Vegas before moving to Napa Valley to take care of his mother. That was a tough job, especially as a single dad with two daughters in the house. Philosophy and humor were required.

The CD ends appropriately at the final mystery. Giant Question Mark is about the quest for spiritual answers that elude our ability to grasp. Were all seeking absolution from something, but we dont know what it is. Giant Question Mark is also the title of the cover art painted by (Robert) battaile during this time. Posters of this many RB paintings are available at http://www.cafepress.com/RobertsArt

Robert is also a writer, theater producer, indie filmmaker, designer and wine educator. Shot in 2004, SANTA AND SONS & daughter! features five of Roberts original songs and was in several festivals. The DVD, CD and digital downloads are available at http://www.santaandsons.com.

Robert has also co-authored a wine-tasting comedy play MER-ZIN which is in development. http://www.mer-zin.com.

He also started a bocce league in Santa Rosa and is the inventor of GOCCE tm (bocce played on a miniature golf course).

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